For the woman who seeks exclusivity

Established in 1953, Italian label Agnona quickly garnered popularity for its ability to source the world’s best cashmere, alpaca wool and vicuña. What started out as a supplier to leading fashion houses Dior, Balenciaga, Yves Saint Laurent and Valentino, Agnona began to evolve and produce designs under its own name. Currently led by former YSL creative director Stefano Pilati, Agnona continues to place great emphasis on the quality of the materials used, and from this, continues to create sensual and sophisticated staples for the modern day woman’s wardrobe.

Nature and beauty, handcraft and inn innovation

A brand synonymous with nature, beauty, style and innovation, Agnona adorns its creations using warm, earthly colour palettes to accentuate its rich and timeless heritage. Silk crepe dresses, cashmere wrap coats, and embroidered maxi dresses characterise the signature aesthetic of Agnona. New innovative technology merges the wisdom of craftsmanship with the production process and conjures a collection of sophisticated, contemporary style that expresses itself in minimal, refined lines.