Leather Skirt
£ 1.423 £ 711 50% reduziert
Wide-Leg Cropped Silk Trousers
£ 592 £ 296 50% reduziert
Crochet Top
£ 1.184 £ 592 50% reduziert
Silk Blouse
£ 592 £ 355 40% reduziert
Cotton-Linen Cropped Pants
£ 592 £ 296 50% reduziert
Silk Crepe Skirt
£ 592 £ 236 60% reduziert
Silk Crepe Blazer
£ 2.375 £ 950 60% reduziert
Angora-Wool A-Line Skirt
£ 946 £ 378 60% reduziert
Printed Blazer
£ 2.137 £ 854 60% reduziert
Printed Wool Coat
£ 2.970 £ 1,485 50% reduziert

A high-end collection for the sophisticated, cultivated woman

Akris was first established in 1922 when Alice Kriemler-Schoch started making premium quality aprons – a staple that every woman in the 20’s and 30’s owned. Based in the embroidery capital of St. Gallen, Switzerland, she was instantly placed on the path to meet and collaborate with other fashion magnates such as Hubert de Givenchy and Cristóbal Balenciaga. Today, the prestigious label has grown from a Swiss-based, family-run fashion house into a renowned global name. Third generation heir and designer Albert Kriemler has been the brand’s creative director since 1980 and continues to keep its designs fresh and at the height of fashion.

A brand enhanced by the subtlety of its understatement

Akris perfects the art of creating architecturally innovative clothing and accessories. Its waving lines create figure-flattering optical illusions, while the clean shape of its pencil skirts serve to further enhance a woman’s natural hourglass. Akris brings a fresh take on the little black dress by adopting a bold leopard print side embellishment, or giving an elegant cotton dress a low cut and leather waist-belt.