A cashmere empire built on the principles of ethics, dignity and morality

Starting with just fifty sweaters that he had financed through a loan from a friend, Brunello Cucinelli truly is a rags-to-riches story. Starting in 1978, Cucinelli has built an empire of cashmere and soft leather and in doing so, has lovingly restored the 14th century Perugian hamlet of Solomeo, where his eponymous clothing label is based. Known for his innovative techniques and philanthropic nature, Cucinelli annually donates 20% of profits to the Brunello Cucinelli Foundation.

The king of cashmere reigns

His unusual colour palette features pale shades of grey, faded pinks and neutral creams and whites. From his sand-coloured silk t-shirt dress to his oatmeal cashmere pullover to his pink suede sneakers, all of his pieces are made to reflect the natural landscape from which he draws his inspiration. Creating top quality pieces that are both understated yet sophisticated, Cucinelli has come to personify elegance and capture the essence of the Italian way of life in his designs.

Brunello Cucinelli