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Maison Margiela: Androgynous post-modernity on the high fashion runway

Antwerp-based fashion designer Martin Margiela attended the Royal Academy of Fine Arts before being taken under the wing of Jean Paul Gaultier in 1985. He later went on to showcase his first collection which came to represent a generation of avant-garde designers who created eccentric and ground-breaking pieces of work, challenging the ideas of conventional luxury fashion with garments of oversized proportions using a concept known as ‘deconstruction’. He pioneered the idea of upcycling by redesigning old wigs, canvases and silk scarves into couture fashion and became creative director of Hermès women in 1997. Despite being such a prominent figure, he rarely shows his face in public and often chooses to remain backstage after shows.

Maison Margiela: Bring a taste of the avant-garde into your wardrobe

Light-years ahead of the curve, Maison Margiela upturned and uprooted the very meaning of men and women’s fashion. His women’s collection ranges from androgynous mohair-wool dungarees to embossed leather slip-ons, while for men he has designed futuristic leather Velcro sneakers and embossed suede high-tops.

Maison Margiela