Roland Mouret: Clean Cuts and Silhouettes

French designer Roland Mouret cultivated his talent for design when he moved to Paris to study fashion design at the age of 17. An avid fashion admirer, he received his first big break in 1981 when spotted as a model in a nightclub by none other than Jean Paul Gaultier. He later worked as a stylist for elite publications such as i-D and Glamour, developing a loyal following of influencial celebrities. Right from the outset, former Spice Girl and fellow designer Victoria Beckham took a particular liking to Mouret, as did the likes of Kate Middleton, actress Charlize Theron and reality sensation Kim Kardashian. Beckham was so impressed by his designs that this inspired her to create her own signature line and will often refer to Roland Mouret as her mentor in interviews.

Roland Mouret: Classic Couture

What sets Mouret apart from his peers, however, is his appreciation for the art of tailoring in lieu of sketching. Seeing his work as timeless pieces rather than adhering to ephemeral trends, each piece is meticulously crafted around the woman’s body to mould the perfect silhouette. Whether curved like an hourglass or androgynous – his passion and fervor to glorify the female form are evident in every one of his creations, particularly his Galaxy dress, which debuted in 2006. Exquisitely cut shift dresses, pencil skirts, blouses, flowing fabrics, and high quality accessories can be seen in each of his collections. The intricate fusion of fabrics and complimentary colours ensures that his idiosyncratic style makes him a legend in his own right.

Roland Mouret