5 Questions With
Petar Petrov

Perhaps single-handedly, Petar Petrov is putting Vienna on the fashion map. Since launching in 2009, this Ukrainian-born talent has honed in his tailoring skills, perfecting structured suiting and sumptuous separates in head-turning fabrics that cool girls can’t seem to resist.

Describe the essence of the FW17 collection in five words or less:

Edgy, fluid, precise, rich, elevated.

Why do you think tailoring is having such a moment?

Is it? I don’t know about that, but I love seeing girls in suiting as it looks powerful - although few know how to wear it the right way! Our customers love our tailoring because it’s different and we show them new ways to wear it through proportion, materials and colors. It gives them confidence and offers such an amazing opportunity to be cool and strong, but also sexy at the same time.

Proportion is key to your aesthetic – where do you look to for inspiration?

For me it is very important that our proportions are balanced and that our clothes make women more beautiful. Our inspiration comes from the women themselves. Cool girls that do not try too hard to impress. I’m lucky to be surrounded by great friends that are a source of inspiration: amazing women with strong and inspiring personalities.

Your pieces are striking yet invite a mix and match approach – how do you achieve the magic balance?

I love to play with contrasts and I think my customers love the unexpected. Our aesthetic is about being dynamic and strong, while still feminine and desirable. In every collection, I use this combination of contrasts that play off one another, which naturally welcomes mixing and matching. This way you have the chance to create new things that feel effortless for the woman.

Personally, what’s your favorite aspect of working in Vienna?

Vienna is beautiful. It’s also quiet and I can focus. The cityscape is green and calm but it can be wild too. The beauty and serenity is everywhere, you just need to know where - and with whom! - you have to go for sleepless nights.

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