The buzziest label to emerge from Milan in recent memory, contemporary stalwart MSGM was established in 2009 with a then-prescient flouro-heavy collection that caught the fashion establishment off guard. “I wanted to try something that would be very strong, very colorful and very happy,” MSGM’s designer, Massimo Giorgetti, says. A former DJ and retail consultant lacking formal fashion training, Giorgetti began his career producing small-scale denim collections in his native Italy, culling inspiration from indie music and contemporary art. In 2010, MGSM was a finalist in Vogue Italia’s Who’s On Next? competition, precipitating the label’s meteoric rise. Mix-and-match prints, riotous colors and streetwear influences are all hallmarks of the youthful, separates-heavy label. Fun, fresh and spirited, MSGM is about ease as much as edge, drawing the eye to vibrant, mixed-media pieces both modern and marvelous.


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MSGM: A bright and courageous collection of effeminate dresses

Launched by Massimo Giorgetti in 2009, this Italian fashion brand was designed to bridge the gap in the market between contemporary and luxury style. MSGM’s bright, fun pieces were what first captivated its younger audience, with its psychedelic prints and digital patterns causing a furore in the wake of its launch among fashion-savvy bloggers. By keeping up with the latest trends yet maintaining a level of individualism, this brand has grown from strength to strength, drawing in a clientele of stylish consumers and editors.

MSGM: Very strong, very colourful and very happy

Playful baroque patterns aren’t the only trick up MSGM’s sleeve. Its opulent cocoa-tinted faux fur coat is a chic, loose-fitting topper for those chilly winter nights. Worn with MSGM’s cotton embellished jumper and a pair of skinny jeans, or over a sequined sheath dress in hues of coral, blue and silver, you’ll be looking your best both indoors and out. Using bright pastel shades of yellow, blue and red, MSGM offer a range of dresses in varying shapes, from feminine baroque styled print silk midi-dresses to yellow checked dresses and sleeveless tribal print shift dresses. Or for a sultry, eye-catching ensemble that most lovingly envelopes around the body, MSGM’s coal velvet black number with floral embellishment is perfect for festive dressing. Jazz it up with a sparkly necklace and metallic heeled shoes to make that outfit exude just that little bit more glam.