Marco de Vincenzo

Currently head accessories designer at Fendi, Sicilian-born Marco de Vicenzo brings a decidedly intellectual bent to classically elegant Italian womenswear. After presenting a small haute couture collection in Paris in 2009, de Vincenzo has since shown his ready-to-wear collections in Milan. A longtime proponent of pattern and texture known for his vibrant palette, de Vincenzo lends his classically silhouetted pieces a futuristic polish with materials ranging from tiny crystals to holographic lurex. A first-prize winner in Italian Vogue’s prestigious Who’s On Next? Competition, de Vincenzo counts fashionable fans in Rihanna and Beyonce.

Marco de Vincenzo

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Classic silhouettes with a tantalizing assortment of innovative materials

Known for his vibrant colour palette and fine use of textures, Italian designer Marco de Vincenzo is a master of embroidery and metallic embellishment. Working with geometric shapes and patterns he often creates exciting and original 3D effects in his pieces. In contrast to his use of a striking mix of leather, silk and lace, Marco de Vincenzo employs simple, clean shapes for his designs. He places great emphasis on slim silhouettes and feminine cuts so as to accentuate the sensual femininity of the modern lady. The result is a collection of seductive cocktail dresses and eye-catching statement blouses. “I want people to look twice”, mused the Italian designer. Mission accomplished!

Marco de Vincenzo: A multitalented connoisseur of Italian fashion

Having worked at Fendi for 13 years, Marco de Vincenzo launched his first eponymous line in 2009. His collection reflected his work at Fendi, predominantly with luxury fur and leathers, while maintaining his own personal bias. French conglomerate LVMH then invested in de Vincenzo’s brand and acquired a significant stake in the company. Their aesthetic nature combines symmetry with geometric shapes and contrasting colours. Marco De Vincenzo’s beaver fur patchwork jacket is an exquisitely soft checkerboard coat and it a stunning fashion-forward piece for this fall.