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Launching her namesake label at just 23, this hot New Zealand breakout is generating plenty of buzz – both for the beauty of her vision as well as commitment to ethical production. Here, she sounds off on her new-season inspirations, responsible fashion and the power of smart consumption.

How early did you know you wanted to be a designer?

When I was 13 I went off to boarding school and became extremely homesick. Almost every day after school I would walk to the local newsstand and buy a fashion magazine, whether it was Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle or Glamour. Reading these was an amazing escape for me and it was when my true love affair with fashion started! But apparently this was already obvious to everyone around me as my obsession with clothes, collaging magazine covers and building mood boards started when I was even younger.

Can a young label champion forward-thinking design and ethical production?

As much as I want to build a brand that is luxurious, it is always about ‘livable luxury’ - being able to really wear the pieces from the collection every day. That type of luxury means beautiful fabrics and striking garment execution but also something that a wider audience can afford so it remains attainable. To me, luxury ultimately means having a brand that is transparent and that makes the right choices as we all live in this world and have the power to impact it in a positive way.

Describe the spirit of FALL/WINTER ’17 in five words or less….

Romance, female protagonism, loyalty and freedom

Can smart consumers change the industry one outfit at a time?

I definitely believe consumers have a huge amount of power. I have realized one of the fundamental problems in fashion is how incredibly disconnected most customers are from where their garments come from and the effects these products have on the nature and culture of our society. I believe we can work towards a brighter future where consumers will be more connected to the clothing they wear and I think as a designer I have a responsibility to produce garments that our customers will cherish and love and feel a sense of pride that they are wearing something that has been made ethically and with love.

You’re based in New Zealand but have incredible global reach through social media. Does location matter less?

The world really has become so much smaller because of social media. I feel so blessed to be able to be based here and have access to a global audience. I do believe that New Zealand has had a huge impact on the brand’s aesthetic and certainly has contributed to the success of the brand internationally. The slower paced way of life here has organically contributed to the effortless feel and ease that I believe Maggie Marilyn exudes, which I think is exciting for the rest of the world.

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